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Divorce Lawyer in Delhi has a panel of expert family & divorce lawyers who have years of specialisation in divorce and family law. We work primarily on substantial and complex divorce cases.  We are an experienced divorce lawyer’s team of bilingual and culturally smooth lawyers, each with our own exclusive qualities and areas of expertise. We offer a dynamic and talented group of lawyers to meet your needs.

Divorce Lawyers in DELHI - Consult the best family court attorneys, law firms and lady advocates for divorce cases, other matrimonial disputes in DELHI.

Our family lawyers provide pre and post legal help for divorce in DELHI, Karnataka. Our divorce lawyers are experts in the field of matrimonial issues, child custody, adoption and maintenance law. We provide compassionate divorce law services for all religions. Our other services are: Restitution of conjugal rights, Judicial Separation, Annulment & Divorce, Child Custody.

Specialist Divorce Law Firm in DELHI

We are one of the specialist Divorce Law firm based in DELHI with network of expert senior divorce lawyers. We provide legal advice, help and family counseling for both men and women. Our expertise is in Family law matters such as mutual / contested divorce, marriage annulment, custody of the child, adoption, maintenance for wife and children, maintenance in pending divorce case, alimony, transfer of divorce petition, Section-498a - IPC - dowry case, foreign divorce decree, judicial separation, appeals against divorce decrees & orders, anti-suit injunction in foreign divorce proceeding, and work on any divorce matters.

Divorce and Digital Evidence Discovery

Our divorce lawyers are experts in Cyber law and digital technology to tackle issues normally occurs in divorce cases such as email hacking, impersonation, identity theft, and so on. Strong expertise in various family enactments such as Special marriage Act,1954, Succession Act,1925, Hindu marriage Act, 1955, Dowry prohibition Act,1961 and The Indian Divorce Act,1869.

Online Divorce Legal Counseling

Online Divorce resources for getting your online divorce kit done fast. Simply browse our categories and read the incredible resources we have online to get the information you need to start the process.

NRI Divorce & Family Law

An online collection of various legal aspects like NRI Divorce India under Indian law. We most excellent lawful service in NRI Divorce related matter to you. We have a player’s of experts who dedicate their time.

Divorce FAQ

Need Divorce help? Get advice on Divorce, Family Law, Child Custody and more. Having a problem in getting Divorce? Ask our compassionate Divorce Lawyers . Our legal teams devote their time, energy and promise in order to serve the needs of the client. Tags: best divorce lawyers DELHI, divorce procedure DELHI, family lawyers DELHI, lady divorce lawyers DELHI, top divorce lawyers DELHI

Lawyers for Divorce, Matrimonial, Child Custody, Maintenance and Family Issues. 

We are one of the best known specialist divorce law firms in DELHI. We deal with divorces, whether simple ones or high value, complex ones - and international divorces involving Indian nationals  resident abroad ("expats") where one partner lives in India.

Appointments can usually be arranged quickly by telephone or by completing our online request form. Initial telephone consultations can be arranged where it is not possible or convenient to come to our office for a meeting, for example if you live abroad.

We understand that divorce and separation are sensitive issues We try to handle them in a sympathetic, civilised and positive manner and by advising clearly while at the same time acting firmly and decisively to resolve them, if possible by agreement but, if that is not possible, by obtaining the appropriate remedy through the courts.

Area Of Practice

Areas of family law our family lawyers specialise in, include:

  • Divorce/separation
  • Financial settlements
  • Legal separation
  • Child contact
  • Maintenance and child support/parental responsibility
  • Domestic violence and protective orders
  • Annulment of marriage
  • Property disputes
  • Pension splitting
  • Dowry
  • Mediation
  • Cruelty against Husbands
Marriage and registration
Special Marriage Act, 1954
Foreign marriages Act, 1954
Hindu marriage Act, 1955
Christian Marriages Act, 1872
Muslim women (protection of Rights on Divorce ) Act, 1986
Guardians and Wards Act
Dowry prohibition Act, 1961
Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act