The cost of the mutual consent divorce proceedings vary from place to place and also the complexity of the case in terms of settlement agreement.

A mutual consent divorce, as per the Hindu Marriage Act, section 13B, can be filed if:
  • The couple is staying apart for over a year.
  • Can’t manage to stay together.
  • Mutual agreement that the marriage has collapsed.

It’s a mature way to handle relationships than spitting at each other in public. The procedure is as follows:

  • Filing Join Petition: both parties sign petition and file it in court.
  • Recording of statements of both parties, signed on paper, all before Hon’ble Court.
  • Reconciliation Period: Six months’ time to change mind (as marriage is considered a valuable institution)
  • At the end of reconciliation: second motion if parties still want the divorce.
  • Grant of the Divorce by Hon’ble Court.

We can help smoothen out your process for divorce by mediation and counselling for a quicker and less draining mutual consent divorce.