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Divorce Specialist Lawyer in Delhi

A divorce lawyer can make the whole process easier and effortless for you. But you must find a reliable one. Hence, you must do thorough research before hiring a divorce specialist lawyer in Delhi. Otherwise, your divorce can become even more miserable. Thus, look for a divorce and family law specialist who can guide you with all aspects of the divorce.

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Important Points to consider while looking for a Divorce Specialist Lawyer in Delhi

Here are some critical points to consider while hiring a divorce specialist lawyer-

  • Make a list of all the lawyers recommended by your family and friends. Also, you can research online for the best divorce specialists. Check their reviews and ratings, and testimonials of previous clients.
  • Inquire about the fees of the lawyer. Also, the charges may vary for different lawyers. Hence, clarify their fees and check whether they suit your budget.
  • Choose a lawyer with ample experience. It is vital to ensure they can handle every complexity of your divorce case.
  • The lawyer should be available for you and answer all your queries. Also, ensure that he gives proper time to discuss every detail of your case. So, your attorney should be a good listener. It would help if you did not discuss your case.
  • Besides, desired outcome, success rate, negotiation on financial issues & child custody, etc., are critical points to discuss with your divorce specialist.

There’s a lot to deal with in a divorce, emotional and financial. Hence, finding a good lawyer is essential. Hire one who is transparent and guides you rightly in the entire process.

What are the Grounds for Divorce in India?

Marriage is a vital part of our culture. But, in some cases, this relationship doesn’t last long, and they end up separating. In India, you can file for divorce based on specific acts. As per the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955, the spouse can file for divorce on the following grounds-

  • Cruelty
  • Adultery
  • Desertion
  • Insanity
  • Conversion
  • Leprosy or any contagious venereal disease
  • Renunciation
  • Presumption of death

Besides, as per Muslim laws, divorce can be filed mutually by husband or wife. The only ground for divorce is when coexistence is impossible. And ‘triple talaq’ has already been declared unlawful by the Supreme Court.

Moreover, there are some other grounds on which a woman can seek a divorce, like-

  • Didn’t spot her husband for four years
  • The husband was sentenced to imprisonment for seven years or more.
  • Also, if the husband fails to keep the marital obligations or does not provide maintenance for two years.
  • Husband stopping his wife from getting her legal rights

So, there can be several other grounds for filing for divorce. Hence, it is better to seek expert advice to understand your rights and attain what you deserve legally.

What is the Process of Filing for a Divorce?

The process of filing for divorce in India starts with filing the petition and, after that, service of summons, response, trail, interim orders, and final order. However, these stages remain the same, but there can be some change in every case. Also, the process can vary for a mutual and contested divorce. It can be a tiring and traumatic process. And it involves so much juggling that it may get very complex further. Hence, you must hire a specialist to file for divorce. The divorce specialist is very well aware of the entire process and guides you rightly at every step.

The decision to get separated itself is stressful. And the whole paperwork and court legalities can cause even more mental trauma. But the divorce attorney can save you from all frustrating formalities. Adv. Rajkumar Solanki is the best and most well-known divorce specialist lawyer in Delhi. He knows such situations well and provides his clients with the best counsel. With his assistance, the process of filing for divorce will be smooth.

What Documents are Required for the Divorce Process in Delhi?

There are a bunch of documents needed at the time of divorce. Your divorce lawyer can help you with all of that. So, here are some essential documents required during the divorce process-

  • Marriage certificate
  • Confirmation of dissolution of marriage
  • Address proof
  • Divorce petition
  • Decree of divorce (including details like duration of a divorce, financial settlements, and child custody)
  • The interim agreement, in case of mutual consent divorce
  • Copies of all the documents

To have the desired outcome of the case, it is crucial to have credible documents. Thus, consult your divorce attorney to understand the entire process better. They will help you with the paperwork and gather all documents. Contact Adv. Rajkumar Solanki for the best support in divorce cases.

Who is the Best Divorce Specialist Lawyer in Delhi?

Advocate Rajkumar Solanki is a reputed and reliable divorce specialist lawyer in Delhi. He specializes in divorce and family law and has more than ten years of experience. Also, Adv Rajkumar Solanki has handled many critical divorce cases successfully. And he provides the best advice in divorce and related cases. Adv. Solanki gives ample time to discuss the case. He understands the gravity of such a situation very well. Thus, he provides constant support and the best ways to handle the case. He makes the client aware of their legal rights as well.

Adv. Solanki makes sure that the outcome of the case comes to be positive. He is a well-informed, knowledgeable, and expert divorce lawyer in the city. Contact him right away for exceptional service!!!

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